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Let's go see the Movie "Stand"

To our IBEW Members, If you are interested in going on opening weekend to see the movie "Stand" let us know. Call the office at 204-985-4239 and we will try to book a block of tickets. It's a great movie based on the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. I had the pleasure of seeing it myself. Let the Office know by November 22nd.

Hi Bruce. It's Danny Schur from the Stand! movie musical which was supported financially by IBEW. 


Stand!  is opening all across the country, on November 29th, including Polo Park and McGillivray. www.stand-movie.com  Unions across Canada are buying group tickets for the critical opening weekend. I've attached a poster and a briefing note explaining the importance of seeing it on opening weekend. Basically....


Cineplex determines whether a movie is extended on Mondays, based solely on weekend attendance. As such, it is vital that attendance occur on Nov. 29, 30 & Dec. 1st.