COVID 19 Complementary Info Course - IBEW 435

COVID 19 Complementary Info Course

Complementary Covid-19 Online Information Course


The following is a link to a course that explains a bit about Covid-19 and some of things you should do or consider doing. As the information available on Covid-19 changes constantly we had to put a stake in the ground and release this with the best information that was available at the time. Some comments in regard to going to work if you are healthy were appropriate a few days ago but may not be so today. To access the course, go to:


This is setup as what we term a Sampler so that you can just click the link and take the course without having to register. It is not being run from our LMS, so they’re is no tracking, bookmarking or certificates. Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel could benefit from taking it.