Hazard Pay for Bell MTS employees rejected - IBEW 435

Hazard Pay for Bell MTS employees rejected

We have been trying to get a hazard pay premium for the members at Bell MTS due to the risks associated with their work and COVID 19. Unfortunately Bell has unanimously rejected this across the country.

Below is the statement the Company provided.

 Bell is aware that Rogers is providing its employees with a “pandemic premium” and Telus is not.  At this time, Bell has no plans to implement a “pandemic premium”.


On entering customer’s homes, Bell is doing all it can to keep employees safe.  Unfortunately, Bell cannot offer a self-install option similar to Rogers because the Bell technology does not allow for it but Bell has implemented a hybrid model to minimize the time Technicians must be in a customer’s home.  As you are aware, telecommunications was deemed an essential service by the Federal Government and as a result, Bell is obligated to continue to provide services.


By the way, Bell has 5000 Technicians within Unifor’s jurisdiction and we have provided Unifor the same responses on the Bell side.