BELL MTS Job Postings - IBEW 435

BELL MTS Job Postings

Bell MTS has the following position open to internal and external* candidates where indicated:

340005     Central Office Technician  1 position,  The Pas MB, closing date January 21, 2022

343692*     Field Service Technician  Up to 4,  Winnipeg MB,  closing date January 26, 2022

343731     PBX Field Service Technician  1 position, Winnipeg MB, closing date January 27, 2022

339938*     Field Service Technician   1 position,  Winnipeg MB,  closing date January 27, 2022

340158*     Field Service Technician   Up to 2,  Winnipeg MB, closing date January 27, 2022

325931*    Field Service Technician  1 position,  Thompson MB, closing date January 31, 2022

343711     Field Service Technician  1 position,  Winnipeg MB,  closing date February 3, 2022

For more information, please view posting(s) on "Careerzone" on the BELL MTS intranet network or contact your BELL MTS Human Resource Representative. For a confidential inquiry, simply email your recruiter directly or [email protected]

*External applicants please visit for more information.