Shaw Cable Instructions and Forms for Union Certification - IBEW 435

Shaw Cable Instructions and Forms for Union Certification

Why Choose The IBEW as your Union?

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker (IBEW) has been part of the Canadian Labour movement for over 100 years. We have built our union on our commitment to organize and represent workers. Our Membership and longevity is proof of that commitment.

The IBEW represents workers in many different industries such as Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Voice Data Video, Utilities, Construction, Maintenance, Motor Shops, Sign Shops, CATV, Radio and Television, Sound and Alarm systems, Railroads, Shipyards, Pulp and Paper Mills, Mining, Tree Trimming, Health Care and Government Employees.

Joining the IBEW is a choice that will help you fulfill your needs in the workplace. Our union has the resources and trained staff to do the job of representing workers in negotiations, safety, grievances, arbitrations, workers compensation, labour legislation and all other areas of labour relations.

How does the process work?

The employees at any workplace under the law, have a right to determine if they want to have a union represent them. That is their choice; not the employer or the union or anyone else.

The process of each labour board in Canada varies, but generally, if a majority of the workers decide to be represented by a union, the Labour Board will certify them. In most jurisdictions, the employees will have a secret ballot vote on the issue, The IBEW organizer or staff member will provide you with further information on the procedure for your workplace.

Once the Board certifies you, the employees participate in developing their contract proposals with the union negotiator. The employees must approve the proposals and vote on their contract.

Finally, when you approve your agreement, you have equal say in all issues that affect you at your work through a legal enforceable agreement.

How About Union Dues?

There are two parts to the IBEW dues structure – Local Union portion and the IBEW Per Capita.

The amount of Local Union dues is determined by the needs of the operational cost of each Local Union. The members of each Local Union set their dues and only the members of that Local Union can change the dues by secret ballot.

The IBEW Per Capita is set at the International Convention and paid by all members and can only be changed by the elected delegates to the Convention.

In this case the dues would be:

Local Union: 1.1% of base earnings e.g.: 50,000/yr. *1.1% =45.83/Month


Per Capita: 18/month


Total 63.83/Month


All dues money collected in Canada stays in Canada and is used to fund the operations of the Canadian office.

REMEMBER!!! All information that is collected by the union is kept strictly confidential between the union and the CIRB. Your employer cannot see who has signed cards in support.

Follow the steps below to anonymously print and send your support card.


  1.  Download and print the Federal Authorization Card from the link below.

-          (Do Not use Company equipment i.e.: work computers or laptops and office printers)

-          This card shows the federal Labour Board that you want to have IBEW Local 435 represent you in Collective Bargaining with your employer. Card must be an original, downloaded from the website and mailed to the union office


  1. 2.       Fill out the Form

-          It is very important to fill this form out legibly and correctly using a BLUE ball point pen so we know that this is you that signed the card.

-          Use your personal phone number and email NOT your work phone number or email address. We want to stay as covert as possible so that your employer does not know who has interest in the IBEW.

-          Employer – SHAW Communications

-          -Classification- Job title

-          Sign and date at the bottom and have someone you trust be your witness (Spouse, roommate, family member)

-          Please see the Authorization card below for reference


  1. 3.       Mail the Card to IBEW Local 435 office

-          MAIL TO: 214-301 Weston Street

                  Winnipeg, MB

                  R3E 3H4

-          Card being sent MUST be the original downloaded document filled out in BLUE pen.


 Download Federal Authorization Card here: Download


  1. 4.       Pay the $5.00 Fee

-          Because Shaw cable is in the communication industry they fall under federal jurisdiction which means we must apply for certification with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB).

-          Section 31(1) (b) of the CIRB regulations says that we must collect a $5.00 fee. The payment is to demonstrate to the CIRB a commitment on the part of the employee to join a trade union.


                               31 (1) In any application relating to bargaining rights,

the Board may accept as evidence of membership in a

trade union evidence that a person


(a)   has signed an application for membership in the

trade union; and

     (b)  has paid at least five dollars to the trade union for

            or within the six-month period immediately before the

            date on which the application was filed.


-          Payments can be made by Cheque (payable to: IBEW 435) and mailed with the original signed card to the address above.

-          Send an E-Transfer from your bank account to [email protected] Security Question: What company do I work for? Answer: SHAW. In the E-Transfer message box for your online banking please make sure you put your name and home address as is stated on the Authorization Card you signed to verify the $5.00 came from you.

-          The Cards need to show that the person signing the card has paid the $5.00 fee within six months of the date of application to the (CIRB)


We need to rally 40+% of the eligible employees. On the date of the application the cards will be compared to the employer’s employee list. Cards will never be shared with your employer as per Section 35 of the CIRB regulations. The percentage of support will then be calculated. If there is less than 40% the application will be dismissed and over 40% will result in a vote. We need a 50%+1 vote in favor of the IBEW to be successful.

It seems like a lot of rules to follow but we want to be sure that your application is successful. Employers will use any tactic necessary to inhibit your efforts.

*** It is important to note the Union activity should be done on personal time and not company time. ***

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